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Not to hide the crime .. Important decisions related to temple of Ein –Dara Archaeological

AFRIN – The Culture Body and the Directorate of Archeology issued a number of decisions concerning the ancient Ein –Dara temple, which was targeted by the Turkish occupation army several days ago.

The decisions came in a written statement issued by the Culture Body and the Directorate of Archology

The text of the statement:

In order to safeguard the public interest and the rights of boycotting in international forums and before the UN courts. Considering the issue of bombing the ancient Ein –Dara Temple as an issue affecting human civilization as a whole we as the director of archeology in Afrin canton emphasize that the evidence in the crime scene in the center of the temple and its vast surroundings, M from the hill base and / 360 °

Based on the above, the Directorate of Antiquities decides the following:

Prevent the entry of any persons or persons to the crime scene without authorization and permission from the Directorate of Archology

Do not allow the cultivation of agricultural land located in the area designated in the front of the book.

Do not allow cattle herders to enter their designated area.

Set and secure the site to perform the previous steps.

Not allowing any evidence to be moved at the crime scene and not even touching the evidence, especially the fragments of the rockets fired at the temple.