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Nûjin Dêrik: Martyr Khabat will remain example for us



AFRIN- The commander in the ranks of Women Protection Units (YPJ) Nûjin Dêrik assured that the commander and the martyr Khabat Dêrik would remain an example for us in commanding due to his revolutionary and leading qualities facing the difficulties, and Nûjin said, “The victories that are achieved today on the land are by virtue of the thousands’ sacrifices who followed the footsteps of the martyr Khabat.”

on the 6th anniversary of the martyrdom of the commander and founder of People Protection Units’ (YPG) nucleus in Rojava Khabat Dêrik, Hawar news agency interviewed the commander in YPJ Nûjin Dêrik.

The commander Nûjin Dêrik said, “The martyr Khabat was one of the pioneers who met the request of the homeland after Rojava Revolution has begun to defend the peoples of the area against the external attacks.”

Nûjin Dêrik added, “To protect the peoples of the area, and with the revolution’s eruption, the commander Khabat with a group of his comrades, formed the first nucleus of People’s Protection Units of the area to play their pioneer role in raising the youths’ awareness, and organizing them within the forces that was called in the beginning as Kurds’ Youth Units.”

Nûjin Dêrik also noted that the martyr Khabat did not use to distinguish between people as he was away from discrimination and racism, and he was known of taking the previous measures, and organizing the fighters for any possible attack.”

Nûjin Dêrik continued, “Today, after several years passed on the revolution, those minor groups that have been formed by the commander Khabat have been a great military and organized force inside Syria that worked on defeating terrorism and foiling all the plans that aim at dividing the Syrian lands.”

The commander assured that the commander and martyr Khabet Dêrik would remain an example for us in commanding, and Nûjin Dêrik promised to follow his footsteps till defeating all the terrorist troops in Syria, and reaching a democratic, federal and pluralistic Syria.