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Ocalan lawyer: isolation cannot express Ocalan’s state, much worse

NEWS DESK- The lawyer Cengîz Çîçek said that the term” isolation” cannot account for what Ocalan is really subjected to, calling his situation ”lost”.

The Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan and the HDP’s Co-chair in Istanbul Cengîz Çîçek talked to Hawar news agency about the Turkish state’s acts against Ocalan at Imrali prison.

Çîçek pointed out to the conditions in which Ocalan has been arrested in for 18 years saying ”the violations seen at Imrali prison were not only infringement to humanitarian and ethical values, but also the state’s laws system has been violated, the laws the Turkish state has always boasted about”.

Cengîz went on” I can simply say that 4 convicts are lost now in one of Imrali island’s prisons, unable to communicate with the exterior world and unreachable to anybody in the middle of Marmara Sea amid miserable conditions far more than that of Guantanamo, as the Mr. Ocalan rights are completely violated, he is lost”.

Çîçek noted that lawyers do not know anything about their situation whether they are alive or not as the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan has always been a major target to the Turkish state.