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Ocelan prison and put him in isolation is a chapter of political destruction ‘



QAMIŞLO– The co-chair of Union of Lawyers in Al-Jazeera canton Amin Naimo explained that(AKP) Justice and Development Party’s policy against Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan is a violation of civil and political life, describing it as dictatorial.

This came in an interview conducted by Hawar news agency with Amin Naimo on the isolation imposed on Ocelan, where he said that Turkish state does not comply with international laws and covenants.

Naimo at the beginning of his speech touched upon the isolation that affects Ocelan and not allow the lawyers to visit him and know his situation, and added, “This in itself is a crime, these practices against him are rejected in international law.

He added “The leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocelan, has fought for the freedom of his people and is not military until the Turkish state has imprisoned him for this period Ocelan has been fighting four walls for 19 years.

Naimo pointed out that isolation is contrary to international laws, and continued “even as it contrary to the laws of the Turkish state itself, and this isolation is contrary to all ethical and humanitarian criteria  and all international covenants and conventions.”

Naimo said “While we express our condemnation of these practices, we hold the Turkish authorities fully responsible for the safety of the leader, and we call on all Human Rights and civil institutions to put pressure on AKP to release him,”.

He concluded “Sooner or later, our democratic struggle will be crowned with victory, Erdogan’s authority will be defeated and we will free our Commander Ocelan.”