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“Ocelan’s captivity is all humanity’s”


AFRIN- The people of Mobata district in Afrin canton described the international conspiracy against the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocelan as the Black Day, and they assured their continuation to struggle till the leader would be liberated.

A number of Mobata district people assured that the day of Ocelan left Syria in October 9, 1998 was a black day for Kurdish people, and said that Ocelan called for the women’s freedom at the international level.


In this context, the citizen Bader Din Ibrahim condemned the international conspiracy saying “we condemn and denounce this international conspiracy against our leader, this day is a black day for all oppressed people because the leader is not only the Kurdish people, rather, he is the leader of all humanity. We would continue our activities till our leader Ocelan would be liberated”.


While the citizen Hajer Sheikh Hassen condemned the international conspiracy saying that we would continue struggling for the sake of the leader Ocelan’s freedom as he struggled and still struggling for women’s freedom, and we would continue our activities till the leader and Kurdistan would be liberated.


In addition, the citizen Maryam Hajj Saleh assured that Ocelan is the symbol of the democratic nation and an example of the fraternity of peoples so we call for Human Right International Organizations to do their duties and said “the captivity of the leader Ocelan is the captivity of all Humanity”