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Old and youth will resist resistance spirit, we will not get out of our homes no matter what cost us`


AFRIN-“These words have become a testimony of faith spoken by large and small civilians who have become a taste and target of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on the side of Janders district of Afrin canton. The resistance of an elderly person is proof of the spirit of Resistance of the age of this revolutionary people.

The elderly Moustafa Oussi Mukhtar, 78, and his wife Sultana Hassan, 60, live in the southern neighborhood – the most heavily bombed area – in Janders district of Afrin canton.

The elderly couple live in their modest, small house with a room, a small kitchen and a small space filled with various kinds of roses and flowers, in a house not more than 80 meters in size.

The elderly couple spent all the stages of their lives in the small house, with happy and sad memories, in every corner with a memory and a history of them, remaining faithful to those memories, not abandoning their memories and their homes, staying under the deliberate bombardment of the neighborhood where they lived.EFRIN-TOPQARAN-TERK-QET-WA-NATRSINI-2-300x200

“We will not go out of our house” until we die here, repeated that 3 times

Old citizen Mustapha Osei echoed with his wife Sultana Hassan words as if they were saying that they would not leave her house and would not abandon him and would stay in their house until they died.

The couple did not come out of their house despite the heavy shelling on the neighborhood, in which more than 200 houses were destroyed. The mercenaries pounded day and night on the street where they lived, and destroyed a number of their neighbors’ houses. Also a shell has fell down in front of their house and destroyed their car.

They take the stairs safely place from missiles hit

The elderly began to cope with the current state of war and organize their lives on this basis. They know what to do when they hear the sound of shells, when they leave the house and when they return, they know how to protect themselves from hitting shells.

When they hear the sound of the shells, the two couples sit down under the stairs to protect themselves from hitting the shells. They spend their nights under the stairs, where they lie beneath it and put a fireplace in them to warm them up.

An example of Resistance ..

The elderly Moustafa Osei and Sultan Hassan said they would fight until their last stop at home and in their area. If they died, they would be on their land and at home.