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Olive city sends a resistance message

AFRIN- On Wednesday, voices of more than 100 thousand people of different sects and components rose in a massive protest to decry the Turkish occupation, protestors assured that they will make their bodies shields in the face of attacks, and stand by the YPG and YPJ to defend their lands.

The protestors also assured they will stand together to repel attacks on Afrin canton( Olive city) and al-Shahba areas, voices of men, women, children and the elderly rose aloud despite the burning sun and the high temperature expressing their unity.

More than 100 thousand of the cantons’ Arabs, Yazidis, Kurds, Alawites sects, political parties’ representatives, civil institutions members, Democratic Autonomous Administration(DAA) bodies, organizations, YPG, YPJ, Anti-Terror Units, Asayîş Special Forces, Asayîş Forces, Traffic Forces and Society Protection Forces(HPC) have all marched hand in hand to say no to Turkish occupying plans.

People from Shera, Sherawa, Shiyah, Rajo, Mobata, and Bulbul districts and Afrin city have flowed today to condemn the Turkish occupation.

The protestors, dressed in folkloric clothes, held Abdullah Ocalan Kurdish people leader and strugglers’ photos, and TEV-DEM, Kongra Star, the DAA motto, YPG, YPJ, Asayîş Special Forces, Asayîş Forces, and HPC flags.

The protestors also held banners with” Afrin Is the Biggest”, “Afrin and al-Shahba Are Stronger than Erdogan’s Terror and No to Turkish Occupation of Afrin”, ” Afrin, the City of Martyrs, Any Hand Stretching to Will Be Broken”, ” Afrin Will Become a Cemetery to Erdogan Mercenaries and Agents” written in Kurdish and Arabic.

Asayîş Forces and Society Protection Forces have guaranteed the security of the protest, while Traffic Forces have contributed to organizing the marchers and nurses from Avrin Hospital have accompanied the march with ambulance cars in case anything comes up.

Stopping at July 19 Stadium in the center of the city, the marchers held a minute of silence, then Amina Ossi, member of the PYD Central Committee delivered a speech, Ossi said” we will continue our marches and activities, we will prove to the world and all the opposing-democracy powers that we will break Erdogan’s will by building a political, social and intellectual society by following the perspective of Abdullah Ocalan the Kurdish people leader and with the soul of responsibility.

Sherif Jimo, the member of the Judicial Council from Bouni Arab clan assured on unity saying amid the status quo” we as Arabs, Kurds must struggle away from discrimination since the enemy and target are one, we do not fear arms or prisons since we are armed with strong will and right values.

Viyan Afrin, a YPJ commander pointed out to the Turkish attempts to interfere in Afrin canton and al-Shahba areas, Afrin said” Turkish occupation state is attempting to show its role in different regions but it plans are doomed to fail because our poeple are clinging to their land, the sacred land watered with martyrs’ blood, today our united people proved their aptitude, YPG an YPJ would not revoke their promise and would bravely repel all attacks.

Botan Andomed, an administrative in Rojava Youth Union said that the Kurdish people have since the beginning of the revolution and till now learnt how to depend on, organize themselves so the Turkish occupation is launching war on itself.

The protest ended in chanting resistance slogans, and saluting YPG and YPJ resistance.