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On 2nd anniversary of Şengal liberation … a statement released by WPU-Şengal

NEWS DESK – The General Command of Women’s Protection Unit-Şengal congratulated the second anniversary of the liberation of Şengal from IS mercenaries urging the Yazidi people, and appealed to undertake the historic responsibility entrusted to them and escalate their struggle.

Today, Monday, 13 November, marks the second anniversary of the liberation of Şengal city, which extinguished the shadow of IS mercenaries in the year 2015.

On the second anniversary of the liberation, the General Command of the Women’s Protection Units in Şengal published a statement on its official page saying that liberation came after the resistance thanks to the martyrs and the struggle of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The text of the statement:

“Since ancient times, massacres and looting have been carried out and the occupation has been practiced on the territory of our people in Şengal. Despite all this, great resistance has been shown in the face of injustice and treachery has been the basis of most massacres.

The 3rd of August 2014 massacre also was carried the basis of the betrayal of the Kurdistan Democratic Party with the aim of annihilating our Yazidi people, causing the death and the kidnapping of thousands of Yazidi women to be sold in ugly forms in the markets by IS mercenaries. This fact is known to the general public. “

During the statement, the General Command confirmed that the freedom fighters who had heard the cries of the Yazidi people, resistance to the Şengal Resistance Units and Women’s Protection Units in Şengal stopped the attack and gave the appropriate answer to the hostile forces.

The leadership pointed out that the Yezidi people, who have always been face to face with the massacres and the constant war to maintain their existence, have an internal protective force that organize themselves in the context of democratic self-management.

In the context of the statement, “From the date of the massacre and the liberation of Şengal, hundreds of our comrades showed unprecedented resistance and struggle until dozens of them reached the rank of martyrdom, so the anniversary of Şengal’s liberation should not be taken on the same day. August 13 is the seed of the struggle and redemption of 11 months of resistance. “

The women who were deprived of their liberty and the right to express their views were able to take historic steps in confronting the attacks along with the YJA-STAR fighters and escalate their struggle to participate in the liberation of the city campaign to prove their truth and obtain their stolen freedom.

At the end of the statement, the General Command of the Women’s Protection Units in Şengal said, “Everyone should know that the liberation of Şengal came after great resistance over 11 months. This day is the fruitage of the struggle of the leader Ocalan and the martyrs. We congratulated the Yazidi people in this occasion, appealing the public to carry the historical responsibilities on their shoulders and escalate their struggle to increase our victories and be a basis for creating a free and democratic life. “