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On path of Khabat, to protect democratic nation


GIRÊ SIPÎThey follow the path of leader and martyr Khabat Dêrek in protecting the country and seeking to build a free and democratic Syria, this is what the fighters of the People’s Protection Units of the Arabic and Kurdish components said.

The fighters of the Arab and Kurdish components and stationed in the centers of defense for the city Girê Sipî / Tal Abyad came by the sixth anniversary of the martyrdom of the founder of People Protection Unites the martyr Khabat Dêrik.

The struggler Zardasht Kabar said “We renew the sixth anniversary of People Protection Units’ found the Martyr Khabat Dêrek to complete his struggle until the last drop of our blood.”

The fighter Akid Rojava said that with the personality and martyrdom of Martyr Kabat, the People’s Protection Units were established and Khabat joined the units to protect the line of democratic nation and build a free democratic Syria.

The struggler in People Protection Unites Ali Omer said “We say to the martyr family that we will continue his struggle until we reach the goals that all the martyrs seek, and the great goals for which they were martyred will continue to struggle until they are achieved and the establishment of a democratic federal Syria.”