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One of Syria’s biggest hospitals is out of service


ALTABQA– The National Hospital in al-Tabqa city acquires a prolonged work and a lot of equipment to rehabilitate after it was destroyed and sabotaged by the IS gangs before they were completely defeated in May 10. TEBQA-XESTEXANE ‫(193790465)‬ ‫‬

the National Hospital in al-Tabqa city is the fourth biggest hospital in the area and Syria which included departments like the emergency, pediatrics, artificial kidney, and tomography.

The National Hospital was subjected to shelling by the regime forces in February 2013 then the so-called Free Army seized the hospital.

With the beginning of al-Tabqa liberation campaign in March 21, the hospital was turned into a military barrack and a mercenaries’ point to attend the mercenaries.TEBQA-XESTEXANE ‫(193790473)‬ ‫‬

Having sabotaged all the hospital and its equipment and moving it to other Syrian areas, the hospital became out of service.

Health Office in al-Tabqa Civil Council is seeking to rehabilitate the hospital, but due to the poor possibilities, they are facing true challenges.

The co-chair of Health Office Zahra al-Hasan said in an interview with Hawar news agency” neither of the hospital’s department is working; moreover, ambulance cars are lacking and the required equipment for the hospital to work are not available.

The hospital’s work is restricted now to providing diagnosis to the patients and sending them to Kobanî, Manbij, al-Hasakah and Qamişlo hospitals.

The co-chair of the Health Office assured that the hospital is not capable of saving civilians’ lives without mentioning if any world organizations offered help in rehabilitating the hospital.