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One village liberated in Deir –ez-Zor amid intensifying clashes

DEIR_EZ_ZOR – The village of waseiha located south town of Sor has been liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces from IS mercenaries while intensifying clashes continue in the village of Kisra.

The fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who are continuing their advancing in “al–Jazeera Tempest” starting from the town of Sor liberated the village of wasieha, south of Sor, after violent and strong clashes with IS mercenaries since yesterday.

The fighters are continuing their advancing in the wing of the town of Mercada are 3 kilometers ahead and they are still continuing their advance.

In the village of Jazrat village, clashes erupted between SDF fighters and IS mercenaries in Kisra village which the fighters entered yesterday.

The SDF fighters are continuing their advance in the three wings and liberating civilians from IS mercenaries. Yesterday, the fighters have freed some 20,000 civilians from IS mercenaries grip.

The campaign of the al–Jazeera Tempest “was launched on September 9, and Syrian Democratic Forces liberated many strategic areas.