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Opening a grocery shop in a tent, he goes on


AFRIN- In order to provide his family’s requirements, he opened a little grocery shop in his tent, amid ignorance on the part of humanitarian and relief organizations as thousands of refugees in Rojava cantons’ camps are in dire need of help and aids but none is provided.   EFRIN-XWEJYANKIRIN-BEREMBERI-BEDENGEYA-SAZIYAN-NETEWI1 ‫(148111875)‬ ‫‬

Hundreds of displaced families from Syrian areas reside in Robar camp, and every family has a story to tell about their suffering at the hands of the Turkey-backed mercenaries, IS and the Baathist regime. The Democratic Autonomous Administration, however, is providing the refugees with every possible help despite the poor possibilities amid world silence.

Muhamad Shoshan, an Arab from Sheikh Issa village, is one of the refugees who suffered at the hands of Daesh and their barbaric practices against civilians, Muhamad has resorted to Afrin canton with his wife and eight-year daughter.

Since a year, Shoshan has been forced to leave his village because of IS practices, so he, with other 3 families, got secretly out at night and finally reached the safety shore.

Having reached Afrin canton, DAA authorities have provided them accommodation in Robar camp in Sherawa district.   EFRIN-XWEJYANKIRIN-BEREMBERI-BEDENGEYA-SAZIYAN-NETEWI1 ‫(148111874)‬ ‫‬

On the one hand, Robar camp rests in an earthy area away from any residential villages, so the refugees are running into difficulties to secure their living. On the other hand, refugees are not able to secure their daily needs, so Shoshan bought a little tent with 5,000 S.P. and opened a grocery shop under it.

In his little tent, Shoshan sells vegetables, fruits, milk products, in addition to some kinds of sweets, Shoshan wakes up at 6 a.m. and heads to nearby villages to secure his groceries.

About his job, Shoshan said” I took the initiative to open up this grocery shop as I have no other income, moreover the refugees in the camp do need it”.

Shoshan said” during my stay at Sheikh Issa village, locals were oppressed by the despotic mercenaries who were stealing their livelihood, but here, we are safe and sound, particularly that Asayîş are protecting us around the clock to preserve the safety and security of the refugees”.

Muhamad Shoshan appealed saying” despite the many appeals we send every day to the international and relief organizations to provide us help, but they are unfortunately brushing our appeals aside”.