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Opening of a school in Ain Issa camp


AIN ISSA– Al-Raqqa Civil Council is getting ready preparing to begin the opening of a school in Ain Issa refugee camp, where 110 students will receive education at the school.EYN ÎSA- Amadekariya vekirina dibistana di kampê de (3)

Because children in the camp of Ain Issa are deprived of their right to education, al- Raqqa Civil Council is preparing to openn a children’s school. The school is scheduled to open next week and 110 students from al-Raqqa will receive education at the school.

The school will teach the following subjects: “Arabic, English, Mathematics and Science” in addition to ethics.

According to the program set by the Council Education Committee, the hours start from 8: 0 until 12:00.