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Opening of the first waste recycling factory in al-Jazeera



TIRBÊ SIPÎ-The Environment Committee of the Municipalities Body in al- Jazeera region, in cooperation with the People’s Municipality in Tirbê Sipî district has opened a waste recycling factory in the name of Nujian, in a step towards the manufacture of fertilizers and the elimination of global warming and the spread of epidemics.TIR-VEKIRNA-FEBRIQYA-SELIKEN-ZIBALE (4)

In order to prevent the accumulation of waste and its conversion to organic fertilizer, the Environment Committee in the Municipalities Body in al-Jazeera region in coordination with the Environment Committee in the municipality of the people in Tirbê Sipî district, a waste recycling factory during a ceremony.
The ceremony was organized in the presence of dozens of peoples and members of civil society institutions in the district and the Municipalities Body and Environment Committee

The ceremony began with a minute of silence, and then speeches were given to the Co- chair of the Municipalities Body in al- Jazeera region Sama Bakdash, member of the municipality of the people in Tirbê Sipî district Silva Abdo, administrative in the Environment Committee of Municipalities of Lalish Sulaiman, and the administrative in Environment Body

in Tirbê Sipî municipality Asad al-Hewar.TIR-VEKIRNA-FEBRIQYA-SELIKEN-ZIBALE (3)

The words welcomed the audience and stressed that such a project was achieved thanks to the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs and it is a project towards the development of society after the previous regimes had prohibited such projects in the area.

At the end of the opening, gifts were distributed to the shareholders at the opening of the factory.

In the end, the opening ribbon was cut by the mother of Martyr Jamil. The factory is the first of its kind in al-Jazeera region.

Waste recycling has many benefits in reducing global warming, preventing accumulation of waste that leads to epidemics, reducing the number of landfills, and reducing the incidence of infectious diseases and gases emitted from municipal waste containers inside the cities.