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Opening of War-wounded House in al-Tabqa area

AL-TABQA– Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have opened a house for fighters who were wounded during the fighting with IS mercenaries on several fronts in northern Syria and Kobani. The War-wounded are expected to join the training courses within the house.TEBQA-VIKRNA-NAVINDA-TIDURSTI-YA-BIRNDARA (8)

The War-wounded House has been opened with festive ceremonies attended by the Executive and Legislative Councils of the democratic civil administration of al-Tabqa and leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, fighters who were severely injured during the battles against IS mercenaries.

The celebration has begun with a minute of silence, followed by a speech by the Syrian Democratic Forces that “Syria needs our sacrifices and our ability to build institutions despite the difficulties we face at times.”

The center includes sports equipment and a library containing many books that wounded fighters will be able to read in their free time.

The Co-chair of the Executive Council of the democratic civil administration of al-Tabqa, Shiyar Mohammed, welcomed all those present, saying that what the fighters are offering to defend the land “is written in history in golden letters and the earth is irrigated with the blood of our martyrs who are still present in our minds and are still fighting to defeat terrorism without any retreat. “He said.TEBQA-VIKRNA-NAVINDA-TIDURSTI-YA-BIRNDARA (5)

During their stay in the house, the fighters will join the intellectual courses during the coming period.

“The martyrs who were martyred in order to liberate us from ISIS and would not have been without them. We would not stand here today calmly and on their way to liberate all the Syrian areas,” said the co-chair of the Defense Committee of the democratic civil administration of al-Tabqa, Fatima Rasho.

The co-chair of the Economic Committee, Iman al-Khalaf, has congratulated the opening of the house.

For his part, the Co-chair of the Families of the Martyrs’ Affairs Committee wished the speedy recovery of the wounded.TEBQA-VIKRNA-NAVINDA-TIDURSTI-YA-BIRNDARA (4)

“The person who built the house to reunite wounded fighters from Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and al-Raqqa campaign and its countryside,” the official said. He stressed that the house “will provide political and intellectual lessons so that fighters can work within institutions, and will be treated some of the fighters through the physical therapist supervising them and secure their requirements from artificial limbs.”

Zeinab Kobani, a fighter in the Syrian Democratic Forces, was injured during the resistance of Kobani in late 2014 and early 2015 confirmed that she voluntarily went to participate in the resistance. “It is the duty to defend the homeland and the earth. That is why we are trained to defend the people and we must train the world with all its component in order to overcome its enemies

The ceremony has ended with some Arabic and Kurdish songs.

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