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opening of women’s tent in  al-Tuwheina to meet women of camp


AL_ TABQA- Women in al-Tuwheina camp have demanded to access their freedom and  exercise their role more effectively , So Women’s House was opened in al-Jarniya branch inside the camp.TEBQA-VIKRNA-KON-JE BO-JIN (2)

The Women’s House branch is a small, large-sized tent.

About a week ago, women  in Tuwheina camp called the Women’s House in al-Jarniya town to opening a tent in the camp.

This tent is considered  a small house where the women in the camp come to ask their daily problems and difficulties and try to find solutions to them by appointing Administration of the tent for women from the camp who have the freedom and thought to find solutions to all problems. Weekly to learn about the reality of women living inside the camp.TEBQA-VIKRNA-KON-JE BO-JIN

The Administrative of the services committee at the Women’s House in al-jarnyia Huda al-Assaf said that the opening of the women’s tent “came in response to the appeal of the women of the camp in order to participate actively in administration of the camp.”

12 female members of the Women’s Tent were among the 20 women who were referred to them.

Al- Assaf  added:

“It is our duty to help women wherever they are and to highlight their true and effective role in society and to prove their worth,”