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Operation Wrath of Euphates fighters liberate Şiwêhan village


RAQQA – The Operation Wrath of Euphrates fighters continue advancing towards Raqqa city. The second front of the campaign announced that Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters liberated Şihêwan village. The third front advanced by 4 km, it has been reported.

All fronts of the Raqqa campaign are making progress.
According to the information from ANHA reporters closely following developments in the region, SDF fighters in the second front, starting their advance on February 4 in the village of Bîr Heba, liberated the village of Şiwêhan in the south-east of the village of Molîhan.

After advancing 12 kilometres, SDF fighters in the third front of the campaign progressing from Makman town liberated the village of Cêwîs. A total of 16 kilometres of progress was achieved as the fighters advanced 4 kilometres further from this front. On the other hand, the fighters in the third front continue to advance.

In the face of intense clashes, a motorcycle belonging to ISIS gangs and a Hummer-type armored vehicle loaded with bombs were destroyed and six gang bodies were seized by SDF fighters.
Fighters continue advancing towards Raqqa in the third phase of the campaign, the city declared by ISIS as their so-called ‘caliphate capital’.