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Organizing countryside of al-Raqqa city continues

Al-Tabqa- In continuation of the newly-liberated al- Raqqa city’s organization by the Syrian Democratic Forces’ fighters, the Councils Founding Body continues its work through the formation of village and neighborhood councils in addition to the role of the people, which includes many councils within one roof. Two rows) located east al- Raqqa city, in the presence of Co-chair of the councils and village elders.TEBQA-JE -BO-SISTM (1)

During the meeting with the Co-chair , the administrative of the Councils Founding Body in the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa area Musa Khalil said, “Through the role of the people and the councils, we will serve this people with all sincerity and honesty away from family relations and favoritism and work fairly and equitably with all citizens and secure all their needs and services through Service and Social Committees of the People’s House”.

Khalil said “Today we all live as brothers, there is no difference between Kurdish, Arabian or Syriac, this is our culture and civilization, represented by the brotherhood of the peoples in this area .”

The two Co-chair of the People’s House in the village of Kassrat Muhammed Agha, Ismael Muhammed al Sarour and Amel al Ahmad, agreed to work on the affairs of the village and ensure all the requirements of the citizens.
“The Syrian regime has proved to be a failure despite the presence of its military and intelligence services because of the lack of protection and defense of the people,” said Saleh Omar, a member Councils Founding Body in the Democratic Civil Administration.

“Today, there is a duty of self-defense and protection committees in the councils of villages and neighborhoods. The children of this land are the most deserving of defending it,” he said.” Having defended Kobani, so will be al-Raqqa as its great, proud people will defend themselves and their soil.”

In conclusion, the Arab and Kurdish Dabka rings were held with the participation of all the attendees.