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Oso: PKK sacrificed thousands of martyrs to liberate oppressed peoples


AL-HASAKAH- The administrative in the Democratic Community academies Abdul Ghani Oso said that Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has sacrificed thousands of martyrs for sake of the freedom of the oppressed peoples, and without the ideas and sacrifices of the martyrs of the Kurdish Liberation Movement, the Kurds and all components of North Syria would not be able to live in peace.

In conjunction with approaching of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the PKK, Hawar news agency met the administrator in the academies of the Democratic Community Abdul Ghani Oso to talk about the role of the Kurdistan National Liberation Movement in the overall gains achieved by the Kurds in the parts of Kurdistan.

Oso congratulated the beginning of the anniversary of the establishment of the PKK, and said that the 27th of November is a historic day in the history of the peoples of the Middle East. This party and its values led by the philosophy and thought of the leader Abdullah Ocelan has become the basis for all Kurds in Syria and the world in general because whoever characterized by the ideas of the PKK have known the reality of free life.

Oso noted that the Kurds in Syria were subjected to a lot of persecutions by the anti-Kurdish ruling authorities, and despite the establishment of many political parties in Syria, they were burdens on the Kurds in Syria.

Oso added “With the emergence of PKK in Syria, Rojava’s Kurds succeeded in achieving great achievements and victories with the beginning of the revolution till this day.”

Oso stressed that the Democratic Nation’s approach adopted by the PKK was a guide for the components and peoples of Rojava and north of Syria in promoting the fraternity of peoples and co-existence in order to strengthen the federal system.

Oso said “without the ideas, efforts and martyrs of the Kurdish Liberation Movement, the Kurds and all the components of north of Syria would not live in peace because PKK sacrificed thousands of martyrs for the sake of the freedom of the oppressed peoples, and fought terrorism, especially IS mercenaries which have terrorized the world by their practices, but the resistant and the fighters who have the ideas of Liberation Movement have not been fear of terrorism, rather, they were a badge and a symbol of pride for their people.”

Abdul Ghani Oso also talked about the role of women in PKK saying “in Europe and the Middle East, parties have been established, but the participation rate of women in Europe has not reached 20%. In the Middle East, the participation of women in politics and others has not exceeded 5%. While in the Kurdish Liberation Movement, women were at the top from the beginning because the ideas of the movement are democratic and free of the authoritarian mentality, injustice and tyranny that have plagued the women of the world since thousands of years.”

The women of Rojava and north of Syria proved today for the whole world that they are strong and steadfast, and have become an example of the free woman.

Oso confirmed that the resistant, the strugglers and all free people did not stay silent about what the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan is exposing to. “Everyone would resist and fight until leader Abdullah Ocelan would be released from the prisons of the fascist Turkish state.”

At the end of his speech Abdul Ghani Oso congratulated again the leader Abdullah Ocelan and all the martyrs and the resistant in the ranks of PKK on the anniversary of the establishment of the party.