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Other 15 families reached Eastern Manbij Camp

MANBIJ- Manbij Organization for Relief and Development distributed aids including household needs on other 15 displaced families that reached the Eastern Manbij Camp which is 6 km southwest of Manbij.MINBC-15-MALBATEN-KOCBER-GIHSTIN-KAMPA-ROJHILATE-MINBC1

During the last two days, other 15 families displaced from al-Raqqa countryside towards the Eastern Manbij Camp, the camp administration gave 15 tents to the displaced families, and Manbij Organization for Relief and Development speeded to distribute simple household needs on the newcomers in the camp.

The simple household needs included “blankets, mats, solar chargers, kitchen equipment and others”.

The number of the displaced families in the Eastern Manbij Camp reached 60 families who displaced from al-Raqqa countryside and most of them are children and women. Moreover, the refugees are waiting for food and medical help, but the organizations refused to support the camp under the pretext of that few families live in the camp.