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Our covenant is to destroy Imrali system ,live freely with the leader”

AL-HASAKAH-Under the title “Our covenant is to break the Imrali system and live freely with  leader Abo,”  Kongra star  in Tel- Baidar have organized a lecture on the life of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan for the people of the town.

The lecture, which began with a minute of silence was delivered by a member of Kongra star Laila Sarokahn  conference.

Laila talked about the struggle of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocelan and his view of the concept of freedom, which is considered the realization of women’s freedom as a basis for achieving freedom for society.

Laila Sarokahn also pointed out to the life of Ocelan  said :

“It has become a hope for all oppressed, oppressed and imerally peoples linked to the struggle of women and women’s freedom can not be achieved without breaking the Imrali regime”.

She continued her lecture by saying:

“Ocelan’s friendship with women his great value, so women must also realize that they are struggling to achieve equality and a decent life,”

A member of Kongra star Laila Sarokahn touched on her lecture by mentioning excerpts from the life of Ocalan and his struggle and the goals that call for reaching and achieving it.

The lecture ended with slogans calling for the life of Ocelan and demanding his freedom.

It should be noted  kongr star will also give several other lectures on the life of leader Abdullah Ocelan in al- Hasakah city and its surrounding villages.