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“Our trip from death to life”


AL-RAQQA- They woke from a nightmare which they thought that they would never wake up but with the coming of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the nightmare turned into a nice dream with a shining future.REQQA-CAVDERI-LI-SER-JIYANA-KOCBERAN ‫(165151237)‬ ‫‬

With the beginning of al-Raqqa liberation campaign, SDF fighters have been striving for liberating the civilians. Before liberating any village of neighborhood, the fighters carefully and according to considered plans liberate the civilians and take them to safe areas. Then, liberation battles, and combing, mines removing operations start.

The operations of liberating the civilians is dangerous as fighters may martyr or get wounded.

People are confident of the fighters as when meeting them, people get happy and children embrace the fighters who rescued them from an oppression that lasted for years. This scene suggests how liberated people are confident and safe and the tears that shed from the eyes of some of them are tears of happiness.

The survived civilians expressed their happiness chanting “our trip from death to life created us again”

While the fighters seem worried about the displaced starving and wounded civilians’ fate, and they hold water containers and some food to provide the survivors with. Moreover, if they found wounded people, they would take them to the Red Crescent Center to provide them with the medical treatment.

The fighters are angry about IS mercenaries’ practices against the civilians. Some of the fighters said “the mercenaries are coward to the extent that they are using the civilians as human shields to be rescued from death”.REQQA-CAVDERI-LI-SER-JIYANA-KOCBERAN ‫(165151233)‬ ‫‬

Meanwhile, al-Raqqa liberation campaign is continuing at its 84 day within the battles that SDF fighters among them most of the city’s youth are undergoing to liberate the civilians from IS mercenaries’ clutches.