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Out of IS prisons, heroic fighters appear


AL-RAQQA- “They question, insult and imprison us without any sound reason, just when we escaped, we wanted to revenge, and here we are, fighting to liberate our city from the gangs” with these words, some of al-Raqqa children expressed their determination to achieve liberation as they joined Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) in al-Raqqa campaign.EHMED SALIH

After IS gangs took control of al-Raqqa city, its residents faced different kinds of killings, displacements under the pretext” implementing the Islamic law”, fed up with these practices, many of them fled the city to the SDF-liberated areas, and youth refugees wanted to revenge for what they suffered, so they joined the SDF to liberate terrorism’s stronghold.

Ahmad Saleh al-Raqqawi at 19 from al-Raqqa city, who joined the SDF said” I have been subjected to oppression, insult and beating, they used to act the role of implementing the Islamic religion’s teachings, but their acts are absolutely irrelevant.”HEMZA DALI

Al-Raqqawi went on” we could not tolerate that life anymore, so I ran away, I am fighting now to restore life to my city and my people get rid of this terrifying nightmare.”

Another fighter, Hayder Raqqa at 25, recalled what he experienced” I had been imprisoned many a time by IS gangs without any reason, only to intimidate us, so I ran away from the city, but the mercenaries arrested my father and beat him till hemiplegia hit him, so I decided to revenge for my father joining SDF.”NIZAR RIHAN

Nizar Rihan another fighter who joined the SDF to revenge for his family, Nizar said” they imprisoned and beat me, finally I managed to flee but my father was arrested, beaten, and insulted, when my city’s liberation campaign was announced I decided to partake it.”