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PAJK: we will hold conspirers accountable

NEWS DESK- Kurdistan Free Women Party(PAJK) recalled the Kurdish strugglers Sakine Cansız and her colleagues to escalate struggle following their footsteps and holding conspirers to account.

the PAJK coordination released in coincidence with the annual anniversary of losing the strugglers Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan und Leyla Şaylemez.

The PAJK statement began with Kurds leader Abdullah Ocalan’ word about the struggler Sakine Cansız where he said” her life is an example, yes she was an example of the struggling woman, this was embodied in her delicate soul, diligent struggle, confidence, her resisting identity, profound insight, and rich opinions, she is a legend in her life, and having martyred, she turned to an international example”.

The statement also touched upon her life and struggle and said that she represented freedom movement abroad and is a symbol of international struggle for freedom.

Kurdistan Free Women Party said in its statement that seeking freedom approach represented in struggler Sakina has turned into an approach which all women seeking freedom should follow” and added” the leader says” women freedom is Sakina struggle” and we will continue our struggle for freedom on this path. This struggler used to say she liked struggle, to prove to us that freedom embracing Apo approach is the sole way to overcome all obstacles, particularly at this stage where the enemy is attacking freedom struggle and Kurdish people with every possible means.

PAJK appealed in its statement all women to continue struggling and hold massacre perpetrators   accountable for their actions, leader Apo says” I will unveil and hold these crime perpetrators to account, we as PAJK consider Apo attitude and aim our major goal, we will do anything required to undertake this mission, we will sacrifice and hold perpetrators accountable.

The party concluded its statement vowing to commit be Sakina and her colleagues saying” over and over again, we express our pride and appreciation to follow their approach, and we vow to commit to it, and escalate struggle committing to their memory”.