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Palestinian forces call for general strike, protests against Trump’s decision


GAZA– All Palestinian territories are engaged in a comprehensive strike on Thursday, amid calls for public outcry and marches to protest US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel The Palestinian Authority president stressed that the decision will not give any legitimacy to Israel.

In response to the planned strike on Thursday, the Palestinian Ministry of Education announced a holiday and urged teachers and students to participate in planned marches.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that Trump’s decision “will not give any legitimacy to Israel because Jerusalem is an Islamic Palestinian Arab Christian city and the capital of the eternal state of Palestine.”

Abbas added “This is a deliberate undermining of all efforts to achieve peace and represents a declaration of Washington’s withdrawal from the role it played in the past decades in sponsoring the peace process. International and bilateral “.”The US administration, by declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, has chosen to contravene all resolutions and agreements,”.

The political analyst Shadi al-Masri said “The speech by the Palestinian people in loud and harsh words through the means of social communication,” Face book “will not work without the presence of popular movement in Palestinian street every corner and work wisely to address the Palestinian street the American-Israeli offensive.

He pointed out that there will be no role for many Arab countries, because of the intimate relations existing between these countries and the Israeli side and these relations are within the confines of secret or public and motivated to achieve the personal interests set by the deal century.

the specialist in military affairs, Major General Yusuf al-Sharqawi said, that the scene will move towards a dangerous escalation of the people, but the leadership must come in the field to actually lead the confrontation so as not to reach us as a gift to al-Aqsa led by the people alone to reach a dead end in the absence of Palestinian leadership from the scene.

He added that by touch upon the position of the Arab countries, there will be no reaction to the fact that the statements are the highest ceiling for them, which makes the inevitability of the military confrontation with Israel not on the agenda. In contrast, the Palestinian factions this time will not take a step without examining all the repercussions and results. All factions led by a unified confrontation in order to have an effective outcome against this resolution that threatens all of Palestine.