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Palestinian leader: President Abbas must turn his anger into decisions on ground


GAZA STRIP– The leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement Ahmed al-Mudalal said that the Palestinian president must sever all relations with Israel and end the agreements that were revoked by the latter, and considered the Wall of al-Buraq a part of al-Aqsa Mosque. He pointed out that in the event of escalating the situation will turn the revolt from peaceful popular resistance to popular uprising.

The statements of Islamic al-Jihad leader Ahmed al-Mudalal during a meeting conducted by the Hawar News Agency on the aggravation of the Palestinian crisis after the signing of US President Donald Trump to the decision to consider Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.EHMAD ALMDILAL (2)

The leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Ahmed al-Mudalal, responded to statements made by a US official in which he considered the Wall of al-Buraq a part of Israel. He said that “the Wall of al-Buraq is an integral part of the al-Aqsa Mosque” Continuing conflict from Israel, “referring to the continuing popular uprising in Palestine after the US president’s decision and his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

He pointed out that “Palestinian resistance” will not intervene or escalate the situation, so as not to draw attention and so as not to deviate “Compass” from the core issue, which is “Jerusalem.”

He pointed out that the level of the Palestinian leadership’s response “did not rise to what is required” despite the talk of Palestinian President Muhmoud Abbas during the Islamic summit and called on all Arabs to sever contacts with Israel.

Al-Mudalal called on the Palestinian President Muhmoud Abbas to turn the anger inside him into a reality and to sever relations with Israel, to implement what he said officially and to end all the relations that the Israeli side has revoked, expecting that this act will make the scene different and the Arab and Islamic people will stand behind the Palestinian people.

Commenting on the statements of Fatah leader Muhmoud al-Aloul, who announced through the media the end of the Oslo agreement since this moment, al-Mudalal said “the authority is still bound by the agreements, so the leader and brother Muhmoud Aloul should submit to do this statement and exit by presidential decree issued by the Office President Muhmoud Abbas and then the people will be free without restrictions and will go towards the liberation of Jerusalem.”

He also pointed out that the Oslo agreement gave Israel the legitimacy of the Palestinian territories by 80% and gave the Palestinian side 20% of its rights on its land. “Regarding Jerusalem, the Oslo agreement gave Israel the right to 80% of the land, which is the main reason of that convention “.

He concluded by saying that the relationship between the Palestinians and Israel is “a relationship of conflict and collision, in light of the sanctity of the Israeli forces against our people in all parts of the Palestinian territories, so we are up to the moment we bet that the uprising is popular and if the situation escalates, the revolt will turn from peaceful uprising to a popular, resisting uprising.