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Pastry seller describes Afrin as security, stability center



AFRIN- The citizen Mohammed Kurdiah has displaced from his town al-Liramon to Afrin city, to choose the sale of sweet pastry “Shuaibiyat” in it, describing the city as a security and stability center.EFRIN-BI-KARE-XWE-PEDIVEN-MELBATE-PEKTENE (2)

Thousands of people have been displaced to Afrin region from different parts of Syria for 5 years. It is one of the most stable areas in North Syria as a result of fighting between the Syrian regime and its militias and the Turkish occupation army’s mercenaries. And every displaced person found a job supported his family by it.

A Kurdish citizen from al- Liramon, northwest of Aleppo, is one example. He is 31 years old, married and has 4 children, the eldest being 7 years old.

After the clashes outbreak in his town between the regime forces and the Turkish occupation army’s mercenaries, left his home and moved to Afrin city 5 years ago, describing Afrin as a security and stability center.

Mohammed is currently living with his small family in al- Zaidiah neighborhood in the city center, having rented a house with a monthly wage of 7,500 SP.

Mohammed leaves at 7 am from his home and goes to a candy shop and buys 50 pieces of shuaibiyat to put on a small wheelchair and walks around the city, shouting loudly to attract buyers.EFRIN-BI-KARE-XWE-PEDIVEN-MELBATE-PEKTENE (1)

He emphasizes the need not to disclose sweets to avoid contamination, in order to preserve the safety of people, and if the end

and if he end of the possession of the candy back to the candy shops to come in another quantity, and sells in one day about 100 pieces.

Mohammed has been practicing this profession since he moved to Afrin, and said in an interview with Hawar news agency that his physical condition does not allow him to try another work.

“My salary is up to about 2000 SP per day,” Mohammed said. “My profit from each piece is only 20 SP, enough to support my small family.”