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People of Iska: steadfast in our land, we would not fear bombing,


AFRIN – Residents of the Iska village of Şêrewa (Sherewa) district in Afrin canton confirmed that they would not leave their land to mercenaries, and that they will stand with People Protection and Women Protection Units and face the attacks.

The village of Iska is almost daily shelled by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in an attempt to occupy the village, the shelling from the Samaan Citadel is causing damage to the property of the civilians.


In this context the citizen Jamil Ibo said ” Our village is almost daily exposed to mortars by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, in order to fear people and to leave our homes for them,”. “The attacks would not prevent us from resistance alongside People Protection Units that defend our villages and stand in the face of mercenaries.

The citizen Jenaid Nabo said “Our village is on the line of contact with the mercenaries, which makes their village the target of a barrage of mercenary shells.

village of Iska is located in the southern side of Afrin canton, about 25 km from the city center. According to The 2004 census, the population of the village is 1,116 inhabitants.