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People pay condolences to family of martyr Yilmaz Kobanî

KOBANI-Dozens of people from Kobanî canton paid the condolences to the family of the martyr Yilmaz Kobani.KOB-SER SAXI- JI -MALBATA-SEHID- YELMAZ- HAT- XASTEN (3)

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Democratic Society Movement in Kirk village in Sareen district, and dozens of residents of al-Jalibyah district, Asayîş forces and Martyrs Families Council.

The funeral ceremony was held in tent in front of the struggler house, then a minute of silence was held, then the director in the Council of Democratic Society Movement in Sareen Abdul Rahman Damar said in a statement, “We wish patience and solace to the family of martyr Yilmaz, who sacrificed his life for freedom and dignity.”

The struggler Yilmaz Kobanî was martyred in the explosion in Manbij city two days ago, and was buried yesterday to the martyr Dijla shrine south of Kobanî city.

The ceremony concluded with slogans that glorify martyrs.