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People who adopted Ocelan’s ideas will not be broken


AL-HASAKH- A number of the Leftist Kurdish party’s members in of al-Hasakh city said “Kurdish people are the sons and grandsons of Ocelan, so how can a people adopt the ideas and philosophy of a great leader such as Ocelan to be broken.”HSK-NERINA-PARTIYA-CEP-300x200

As the black day approaches, the anniversary of the international plot of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan, Hawar news agency held interviews with a number of the Kurdish Leftist party’s members in Syria.

In this context, a member of the Leftist Kurdish party in Syria, Farzam Nuri Hassou, denounced the international conspiracy against Ocelan said “Leader Abdullah Ocelan is the resistance and the life of all oppressed peoples who lived oppressed under tyrannical regimes.”

He added “The Turkish state does not know what it will do after the break of the will of the Kurdish people, but despite its heinous acts, it has not yet been able to break the will of the people .”

He continued “But the Kurdish people are the sons and grandsons of Ocelan, so how can a people adopt the ideas and philosophy of the great leader Ocelan to be broken.”HSK-NERINA-PARTIYA-CEP2-300x200

A member of the leftist Kurdish party in Syria Khalisa Qassim said “Our leader, Abdullah Ocelan, is a great leader with ideas and a philosophy that is difficult to possess, so the occupied Turkish state has been holding him for 19 years and does not want to go out again because Abdullah Ocelan will expose every despot.”

Qassim pointed that since the beginning of the arrest of Ocelan and the Turkish state is trying to distract the people from the leader and impose isolation

Qassim explained that the Turkish state will not suffer from the strength and will of the Kurdish people in parts of Kurdistan and will not undermine the will of the peoples and components of northern Syria through its attacks on Afrin.

She added “Our leader will be liberated. We all have become Ocelan from our youth to our great leader Ocelan lives in our hearts and minds and we will not abandon him until the last breath.”