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Photos express Turkish occupation barbarity 

AFRIN- Jilbul( Jilbirê) and Iska villages in Sherawa district and Kafrantone village in al-Shahba areas were barbarically shelled and Turkish bombs have fallen on them destroying civilians homes and killing 3 civilians, and wounding 6 others.EFRIN-MALEN-WAN-WERAN-BUN1 ‫(158007809)‬ ‫‬

Our reporters have taken photos of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’s shelling on al-Shahba’s Kafrantone village.

As result of Turkish shelling on Kafrantone, 3 civilians from the same family lost their lives and 6 were wounded.

Houses were destroyed, victims’ blood marks are still visible on the destroyed houses, people’s possessions are scattered among the ruble.

The photos taken show the barbaric shelling of the Turkish occupation.