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Point agency showed film in Afrin

AFRIN- Point agency organized for the first time a a shor film for   show for the first action film revolving around the Syrian crisis history, at Jane’s Lounge in Afrin.EFRIN-AJANSA-PONT-FILM (1)

In order to clarify the stage that Syria underwent after the revolutionary movement has begun and as a result of its transferring as revolutionary factions crisis,

Point agency in Afrin canton presented the first action film of the Syrian revolution’s history, in the presence of the foreign affairs body chairman of Afrin” Suleiman Jafar and his deputy Jihan Mohammed, The Educated Unity and Afrin’s University students and the Arab tribes’ dignitaries and dozens of Idlib city’s people.

Where the hall was decorated with signs reading “To Enjoy Syria’s Land and People with Security and Safety”, “Returning to Right

The show began with a minute of silence, followed by the Point’s director Ahmad Hamdou, saying: “al-Maseir” film (fate film) is based on a realistic story that took place during the Syrian revolution. This film is one of the first films filmed in the Syrian arena in action way.

The film revolves around extraneous armed gangs within the revolution ranks that have distorted its course and made it right until the fate hour came to meet the fate futile through national military cadres undertook to complete the revolution march and return it to the right to enjoy Syria land and people in security and safety,

This work is the first film produced by Point agency, it is an independent media agency seeking to build a democratic vision and aims to transfer the right reality, the agency includes a cadre of media professionals with good experience from all Syrian territory. “


After he finishing his speech, the film was presented, which revolves around the events in general and the Syrian conflict and how the revolutionary movement began in which and the mercenaries factions linked have soon intervened.

The show ended with warm applause amid great enthusiasm from the locals.