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Polat Jan: Deir ez-Zor youths’ joining SDF assures no place for others here



DEIR EZ-ZOR- The general commander of the southern area Polat Jan said that all the clans in Deir ez-Zor city welcomed the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and sent a massage for the intensive coming of its youths to join SDF that we are the suitable solution for the Democratic Syria, and no place for any except us in the area.

As al-Jazeera Tempest campaign began in September 9, 2017, and the most important strategic areas and villages in the area were liberated, there is an intensive turnout by Deir ez-Zor young people of all Arab clans to join the ranks of SDF.

In this context, the general commander of the southern area Polat Jan said that after the liberation of the area since more than 2 months, more than 700 fighters joined the ranks of SDF from al-Baggara clan, and all the Arab clans existed in the villages of al-Jazra, al-Kisra, al-Bu Hameed and other villages that are adjacent to the Euphrates River in the western side of Deir ez-Zor city directing a massage to the other parties to call them for joining SDF, and that they believe in the project of the democratic nation, and welcome the existence of SDF in the area.

Polat assured that all the Arabic clans and the people of the area trust us, and consider us the suitable solution for all Syria, and by the confidence which Deir-ez-Zor people gave us, they directed a massage to everybody who attempts to create the seditions and to dominate the area after it has been liberated by SDF who defeated IS mercenaries that there is anywhere for the others in this area as its people decided that.

Polat Jan noted that the area would be protected by its peoples under the patronage of SDF, and they are the main guarantors for the stability and safety of the area.

The general commander of the southern area Polat Jan pointed out that there are 700 young people from the western line of the area of Deir ez-Zor who have joined SDF, and that dozens of the youths are joining daily.

Polat Jan ended his speech, “SDF are those who represent the future of Syria and the peaceful and democratic solution for it.”