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Political analyst: Palestinians must exploit stage

GAZA- The writer and political analyst Talal Awkal stated that the Saudi demand to finish off the relations between Hamas and Iran, as well as the threat of closing the Liberation Organization’s office in Washington came at the same time, and Talal pointed out that the Palestinians have to exploit the stage and unite amid the convergence of many Arab countries and Israel.

The Palestinian writer and political analyst Talal Awkal commented on two steps taken by the regional and international forces towards Palestine saying that both steps are interrelated and did not come in conjunction with each other. He also said that the first step represents calling for the Saudi king Salman Bin Abdul Aziz to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and his ask for Abbas to work on ending the relationship between Hamas and Iran in exchange for assigning Saudi Arabia to pay the salaries of Gaza employees. While the second step is represented by announcing America the closure of the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s office which is considered the Palestinian representation office in America.

Talal Awkal explained the Saudi demand to finish off the relationship between Hamas and Iran in exchange for paying salaries to Gaza employees as a demand that would not only be limited  within the framework of the Palestinian leadership ability to finish off the relations between the two parties, rather, to put obstacles beside the Palestinian reconciliation because ending the division leads to the end of passing the destructive international interests for the Palestinian issue.
Talal Awkal also pointed out that it is possible that the Palestinian president would hold a meeting with command of Hamas Movement to suppose the file of the Iranian relations, but the presidential decision to finish off the relations would not be issued directly because the relationship between Hamas and Iran lists within the framework of factional relations, and it does not oppose the basic system of the Palestinian state and government.”

Talal Awkal pointed out that this Saudi demand coincided with the American threat to close the office of the Palestinian Liberation Organization in Washington, and pointed out that this threat came after a series of steps held after signing the reconciliation agreement in the Egyptian Republic, and before holding the current factions’ meeting that is ongoing in Egypt.

“You all have to reconcile and agree, but you have to remain under the umbrella of the United States so that all the issues of the Palestinian Cause would reach a settlement with the Israeli side without condition,” he said.
Talal Awkal believed that the entire Palestinian component is aware of all the steps that surround the Palestinian issue and reconciliation, and the proof is that Hamas Movement, when it came to reconciliation, was considering the surrounding scene which made it to step quickly towards reconciliation, and the result would be that all Palestinians must overcome this stage.

At the end of his speech, the Palestinian writer and political analyst Talal Awkal said “the Palestinian side must exploit the stage to return the Palestinian Cause to the priorities of the Palestinian command, especially amid the increasing of some Arab relations with Israel publicly at the status quo.”