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Political Body’s member of MSD confirmed to al-Tabqa people that regime’s days passed

AL-TABQA– A member of Political Body in Democratic Council of Syria, said that the return of the regime forces to areas liberated by Syrian Democratic forces “red line”, stressing at the same time the readiness of Syria’s Democratic Forces to negotiate.TEBQA-ENDAME-DESTEYA-SIYASI (4)

Touching upon political situation in al-Tabqa and northern Syria in general, Hassan Mohammed Ali said, “The return of the regime is a red line.”

In earlier statements, US special envoy to the International Alliance for Fighting IS mercenaries, Brett Mcgurk, confirmed that West Euphrates was “a red line for regime forces.” The United States had shot down a military aircraft of the regime trying to target Syria’s Democratic Forces in al-Tabqa last summer.

Ali’s remarks came during a meeting in al-Tabqa city attended by a number of co-chairs of the neighborhood councils in the city and the participation of a number of people of the city.

A member of the Political Body of the Democratic Council of Syria, the readiness of Syria’s Democratic Forces to negotiate for a solution to the Syrian crisis, which is close to the end of its seventh year in a row.


This comes as Syrian Democratic Forces are engaged in Al-Jazeera tempest campaign to liberate the eastern countryside of Deir-Ez-Zor from mercenaries, in coordination with Russian forces, the Syrian regime’s ally, and the International Alliance, according to Syrian Democratic Forces and the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Recently, especially after the meeting that brought between the presidents of Iran, Turkey and Russia in the Russian city of Sochi last November, the tone of the Turkish threats to Syria’s Democratic Forces has increased, particularly in Afrin canton, which is witnessing daily attacks by the Turkish occupation army For Turkish warplanes and reconnaissance aircraft.

Ali added “Turkey has a great role in the birth of terrorism through its great support for the fighting factions in Syria and its transformation into jihadist factions, starting with the Nasra and Ahrar al-Sham fronts and ending with Is mercenaries.”

At the end of his speech, Ali stressed that the solution is to change the regime intellectually. “The only solution to end the pain of the Syrian people is to change the system intellectually and economically and change people is not feasible in order to reach a new regime that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people.