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Political, military, diplomatic struggle resulted in arming YPG


QAMIŞLO- The administrative in the Democratic Community Movement (TEV-DEM) in al-Jazeera (Cizîre) canton Jahed Hassen assured that the decision of arming YPG, YPJ and SDF came after the victories and achievements that the components of north of Syria have achieved on land, and in the result of a political, military, organizational, and diplomatic struggle in all the fields throughout 6 years.    QAM-TEV-DEM-CIVINIK-JI-GEL-RE-LI-DARXESTEN (1)

For the aim of explaining the political situation and organization mechanism in addition to how to develop self-defense. the Democratic Community Movement held a meeting for Qamişlo people in Al-Shuhadaa (martyr) park in Qaddour Beik neighborhood, and dozens of people from Qaddour Beik, al-Ashoriyah, Bashiriyah and from all its components attended. Moreover, the park was ornamented by the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan’s pictures and flags that symbolize Rojava and north of Syria’s revolution.

The meeting started by holding a minute of silence. Then, Jahed Hassen said a word explaining the political situation that the area and Rojava is undergoing, and Jahed moved to talk about the American decision of arming YPG, YPJ in addition to SDF after they have achieved victories against IS’ mercenaries. Moreover, these achievements and victories were by virtue of thousands of martyrs from all the components including Kurds, Arabs, and Syriac who sacrificed their life for the cause.      QAM-TEV-DEM-CIVINIK-JI-GEL-RE-LI-DARXESTEN (2)

The administrative Jahed Hassen stated that north of Syria components are getting rid of the past centuries mindset that encouraged racism, fascism and hatred among nationalities, religions, and the doctrines that were planted by the authoritarian and peremptory organizations in the peoples’ mindset in order to dominate them. Moreover, Jahed said “we are living now in 21th century by the philosophy of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan that leads us to the way of peace, love, and democracy. And by virtue of his perspectives, the area components stood side by side against the mercenaries of IS and achieved and still achieving victories against IS.

Jahed Hassen concluded focusing on the issue of self-defense, and self-reliance in order to face any risk that would threaten the area, and Jahed called for the people to take the necessary procedures for protecting themselves, digging trenches, joining the military training and standing together.