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Preparations for forming a first women council in al-Tabqa

AL-TABQA- The preparations are in motion to form a council for women in al-Tabqa liberated city, and it would be the first council during the city’s history.

After al-Tabqa was liberated in May 10 on the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the organizational steps took place in the city in order to form councils and its committees in the neighborhoods.

On the women organizational level, several committees were formed for women, and it is expected that a council for women would be formed during July.REQA-AVAKIRINA-MECLISA-LI-TEPQA ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

For the first time, during al-Tabqa’a history, women would be fortunate that a special council would be formed for them to organize their affairs and solve their problems.

In the same context, the administrative in al-Tabqa Civil Council Hayat Ismael held a great meeting for women committees in al-Tabqa city and its countryside, 86 members of women committees in al-Mansourah district and al-Jarniyeh and Huneida village in addition to al-Tabqa city attended the meeting.

During the meeting which was held in al-Tabqa Civil Council’s office in al-Maqassem neighborhood in al-Tabqa city, and preparations about Women Council forming in al-Tabqa were discussed.

Several committees were formed to prepare for forming this council, and one of the committees was allocated to prepare an office for the council, while another preparation committee would prepare for women’s role opening in al-Mansourah, al-Tabqa, al-Jarniyeh and Huneida.

These committees would also work to hold meeting for women co-chairs of the councils in al-Tabqa and its countryside, in addition to that, meetings would be held for women in the civil institutions in the city.

It is expected that the committees would start their activities of forming the council during the next few days.