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Preparations for opening Sheikh Maksoud schools

ALEPPO– after a hiatus of more than seven months, the educational office in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood begun the preparations for opening the schools in neighborhood.hlb-hezertiya-fekerenadebstana-1

At the request of the office the municipality of people cleaned the schools, which are schools of (Bara Bin Malik, Aya Qassim , Rafa‘t Sri and Alan Mohammad).

Ilfet Hassan an official in supervisory committee on schools of the educational office said that last year was full of tragedies as schools were closed for six months as a result of continues shelling by the mercenaries.

Ilfet noted that they have begun the preparations for opening the schools and students were registered, and the turnout of students is good, and noted that the municipality of people is cooperating with them well maintaining and cleaning the schools scheduled to open.

Ilfet Hassan hoped that this year will be better and to guide the shelling of the neighborhood so they can teach students well.



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