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Preparations to form council, house for people in Remela


AL-RAQQA- The Committee for Formation the Councils in al-Raqqa Civil Council is preparing to form the Remela Council in al- Raqqa city, in addition to opening People’s House in the neighborhood.EZIZ GAGAN

After librating al- Raqqa from mercenaries, as part of the campaign to liberate al- Raqqa city launched by Syrian Democratic Forces, and the return of the inhabitants of the neighborhoods cleared of mines and the remnants of mercenaries, the Civil Council started organizing people to manage themselves and to serve the people.

In the context of the Committee’s work for Formation the Councils related to al-Raqqa Civil Council the Committee is preparing to form a council in the neighborhood of Remela, in addition to opening a house for the people in the neighborhood.REQA-AMDAKIRNA-JE BO-VIKRNA-MALA -KIL (1)

The purpose of the formation of this council and opening of the People’s House is to organize the people so that they can manage themselves, in addition to securing the requirements of the service neighborhood and solving the problems of the neighborhood.

In the context of these preparations, the administrator director of al-Raqqa Civil Council Aziz Jijan said in an interview with Hawar news agency, “We as al-Raqqa Civil Council our goal is to serve the people above all, so we are preparing in these days to form the Council of Remela neighborhood, and opening a house for people in the neighborhood to secure the requirements of the people Neighborhood service, solve their problems, in addition to organize the neighborhood. “