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Preserving achievements of eastern districts is the youth’s mission

ALEPPO-A leader of the People’s Protection Units in Aleppo, Nuri Yekta, said that the task of preserving the achievements and advantages in Aleppo is the responsibility of the youth.HLB-CIVINA-CIWANEN-TAXEN-ROJHILAT-LI-HELEBE (2)

The Youth League of Rojava in Aleppo met with the youth of the eastern neighborhoods to explain the political situation and recent developments in the region and the necessity to activate the role of youth in preserving the gains achieved in the eastern neighborhoods thanks to the resistance of their people.

The meeting had been held in the meeting hall of al- Hulluk al-Tahtani, attended by dozens of young people in the eastern neighborhoods. The hall was decorated with pictures of the martyrs, pictures of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, flags of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units, Rojava and Young Woman Youth Union and Kongra Star.

The meeting began with a minute of silence followed by a speech of the leader of the People Protection Units in Aleppo, Nuri Yekta, who talked about the latest developments and political and military events in the north of Syria’s areas ended with the announcement of liberating al-Raqqa city as a whole.

Yekta has also spoken about the situation of the eastern neighborhoods during the control of the armed factions who were fighting without any meaningful political orientation or vision of a future of democratic Syria, saying” The people in the eastern neighborhoods were under the control of factions fighting aimlessly and the people were victims of their recklessness.HLB-CIVINA-CIWANEN-TAXEN-ROJHILAT-LI-HELEBE (3)

“But after liberating the eastern neighborhoods by resisting fighters of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units, and handing them over to the people to organize themselves from the social, protection and even political point of view increased the adherence of the people to these forces, also we depended on the democratic nation which drew the attention of all components and was a cause of the people stick to these gains.”

Yekta praised the pioneering role of youth during the organization period, stressing the increasing importance of the role of young people and stressed the need to perform their tasks and maintain the gains achieved in these neighborhoods.

“Youth is the future generation and the basis for building the nation and the civilizations, who will work to improve the reality for the better,” said Nuri Yekta, leader of the People’s Protection Units. “This is a message to the youth of eastern neighborhoods to fight and promote the youth of the eastern neighborhoods to the best of all levels. .