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Prevention is better than cure

EFRÎN– Committee of Education and Awareness has launched a campaign in Efrîn Canton to educate commune members.

Committee members  included Farida Jarjanaz from Women Body, Tolin Hemo from Health Body, and Hevin Shamio from Community Affairs Body.

Members of the fighter Serxwebûn commune have attended in the people’s assembly of Alashrafia neighborhood a lecture titled (Keep your Heart healthy with healthy food).

Tolin Hemo, the lecturer, stressed that the importance of  healthy lifestyles, and the possible mechanisms of maintaining the most vital organ in the human body, the heart.

Hemo also referred to the importance of healthy diets, which reduces the possibility of diseases, and stressed that overeating leads to many health problems.

Participants opened discussions then about natural food and recipes, which prevents many diseases and protects the body.

The campaign continues through the Canton to cover all women members in the communes.