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Prices’ margins determined in Ain Issa

AIN ISSA- The Supply Committee in the public municipality in Ain Issa district in Girê Sipî determined the prices margins of the markets and shops to prevent the customers from exploiting and monopolizing the prices.EYNISA-DIYARKIRINA-TEMEN-ZEBZE-UMADEYEN-XWERN (2)

For monitoring the prices of the food, vegetables and the quality of bread in the bakeries in addition to the counter of selling the fuels, and as the committee was not able to determine the prices of the materials, the committee took measures for detecting the prices and monopolizing them which is determining the prices of the profit margins.

The prices of profit’s margins

The margins of the profit have been determined as the trader whose percentage of profit would exceed the determined percentage, he would be held accountable for that. The percentage of profit has been determined 10-15 percent as for food, vegetables 35 S.P for one kg, and the profit varies according to the materials; accessories and mobiles’ profit would be 25, the chicken 125 S.P.

As for bread, 10 pieces of bread by a weight of 1,500 g would be sold by the price of 150 S.P.EBRAHIM RESID ALALI

In addition, whoever would sell expired materials or violate the prices determined, they would be held accountable for and pay 10,000-75,000 S.P.

The head of the Supply Committee in the public municipality in Ain Issa district Ibrahim Rashid al-Ali demanded the citizens to complain against any violator to the committee to take the lawful procedures against him.