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“Protect Yourself” to be launched by Young women in Manbij

MANBIJ – In order to educate young women and introduce their role and the youth’s goals in the community, Manbej young women initiated to distribute leaflets on behalf of the young woman on the city’s young people and youth in preparation for the “Protect Yourself” campaign.

The members of the Young Women’s Union in Manbej today distributed leaflets that included the definition of youth and their role in the development and protection of the society, introducing the Democratic Syrian Youth Council and the youth’s goals, as well as “Protect Yourself” campaign to protect youth.

“We have taken the initiative to distribute these leaflets to introduce young people and young women to society,” she said. “We will be announcing a campaign under the slogan” Protect Yourself “in the city of Manbij. Its role in society and the definition of youth’s goals in society. “

The campaign will be announced in Manbij through a statement on behalf of the young woman soon, and the campaign is likely to be 3 months long.