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Protests, sit-ins in Europe to support Afrin 


NEWS DESK- Hundreds of Kurdish people protesting in many European cities expressed their resentment on Turkish occupation army’s attacks on Afrin and al-Shahba areas. EURPA-CALAKIYEN-JI-BO-EFRIN ‫(1)‬

Kurdish people and their friends taking part in the protests held Rojava revolution flags and symbols and banners that condemn Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ attacks on Afrin canton and al-Shahba, the protestors also chanted slogans that saluted Afrin, al-Shahba, YPG, YPJ, and SDF resistance.

In the Dutch capital The Hague, Kurdish people have protested where Sinam Muhamad the DAA representative in Europe delivered a speech saluting the Kurdish people resistance and the great bravery Kurds showed in Rojava.

Sinam Muhamad pointed out that the Turkish state is trying to empty Afrin canton by launching barbaric attacks to put pressure on YPG, YPJ and SDF to obstacle al-Raqqa liberation campaign.

Sinam noted that the Kurdish people and the forces protecting the area have shown heroic resistance in the face of these attacks assuring that the Turkish occupation mercenaries will be encountered by resistance. EURPA-CALAKIYEN-JI-BO-EFRIN ‫(176554499)‬ ‫‬

In a relevant concern, Kurdish people took to streets in other German cities; in Aachen city, the member of Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Europe Feisal Haji Mansour, in Cologne city, Delal Amud PYD member, in Bremen, Ronahi Qamishlo PYD member and in Hanover, Mizgin Adam PYD member delivered a speech.

The speeches condemned the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ attacks on Afrin canton and al-Shahba areas assuring on IS failure in occupying Rojava as they will be defeated like Kobani’s resistance.

The speeches also saluted Kurdish people, YPG, YPJ, and the democratic revolutionary forces in Afrin canton and al-Shahba areas assuring that the Kurdish community overseas will be the voice of Afrin and al-Shahba.

During the protests, leaflets have been distributed about the Turkish state violations and attacks on Rojava and north Syria.