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Public municipality in al-Hazimah started forming its committees 


AIN ISSA– The public municipality in al-Hazimah  municipality in the northern countryside of al-Raqqa has formed its committees as many of cleaning works were accomplished despite their meager potential.EYINESA-KARI-SARADARI (2)

Within the organizational works of al-Raqqa Civil Council, the Public Municipality Council was formed in al-Hazimah town on October 20 of this year with 8 members to start the service works in the town.

In this context, the council started forming its own committees, as the council formed committees of bakeries, finance, electricity and control, in addition to the appointment of cleaners.

The works of al-Hazimah municipality include receiving citizens to submit building permits, in addition to receiving the residents’ complaints against the owners of shops and bakeries in the town.

The councils of the villages “Tel al-Samen and its countryside , Tishreen and its countryside, al- Khatoniya and its countryside, al-Rashid and its countryside, as well as the villages adjacent to al-Hazimah town are related to al-Hazimah municipality.


During a short period after al-Hazimah municipality opened and despite the weakness of the possibilities, especially the equipment and machineries, the municipality has completed many works. The municipality has cleaned all main and side streets and the town’s schools in addition to repairing the electricity and water damaged grids in al-Hazimah and Tel al-Samen countryside.

The co-chair of the Public Municipality Assembly in al-Hazimah town Hamada al-Ayed  has appealed to the concerned parties for assisting the and he said in this context “we appeal to the concerned sides to provide us with machineries to clean the streets of rubbish, and we urgently need the machineries of working so that we can reach all the villages surrounded to al-Hazimah.”

It is worth mentioning that al-Hazimah town is located 20 km north of al-Raqqa city, and it was liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) within Wrath of Euphrates campaign that was launched on 5 October 2016.