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Public municipality sprays insecticide, a citizen volunteers

ALEPPO- The public municipality in Aleppo city started to spray insecticide to avoid spreading diseases in the neighborhood and to eliminate harmful insects. Moreover, a volunteer from Sheikh Maqsoud is spraying free of charge.HLB-SREDAREYA-GEL-DERMAN-DERASINA (2)

For the aim of preventing the harmful pests spread and limiting diseases in Summer, the public municipality in Sheikh Maqsoud started to spray insecticides in Sheikh Maqsoud and the eastern neighborhoods.

A fog scattering device is used in spraying insecticides, and according to certain amounts diesel is mixed with Fog Thrin material which is considered a poisonous material for insects to be then entered in a specific device, and wandered in the neighborhoods’ streets from 06:00 till 08:00 in the morning.

The insecticide operation is being concentrated on the near places to litter containers, homes collapsed or rubble that have been previously accumulate.

The administrative in the public municipality stated that they delayed the insecticide spraying because of the difficulty of insuring materials and high prices. HIBSIY CELIXÊ

The Arab citizen Absy Jalkhy is working on spraying the insecticides as he is experienced and he works as a mechanic in the neighborhood. moreover, when Jakhly was asked about the reason of his volunteering, he responded “if we did not help each other, who would help us, we are the people of one nation, and we must contribute hand in hand to its progress”.

It is supposed that the municipality would continue spraying all Sheikh Maqsoud and the eastern neighborhoods’ streets.