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Putin declared his candidacy for Russia presidency’s elections in 2018

NEWS DESK- The Russian president Vladimir Putin declared his intention to candidate for the elections of Russia presidency of 2018.

In an interview held with the workers of Gaz factory for vehicles in Nizhny Novgorod city on Wednesday, Putin said “yes, I will candidate for the elections of Federation Russia presidency’s position.”

The Russia president thanked the workers of the factory for their support to his candidacy expressing his confidence that Russia would advance forward, and would not be stopped by anybody.

The first deputy of the head of the United Russia party’s bloc in the Russian parliament Andrei Isayev announced that the party would support the current president Vladimir Putin’s candidacy in the next presidential elections in 2018.

Isayev said “of course, the United Russia party that was constructed by the president Putin would support his candidacy, and I think that this decision would be supported by the absolute majority of our country’s citizens who consider him as a national leader.

The elections of the next year will be the forth that Vladimir Putin will be involved in as a candidate of the state’s presidency. If he would be elected, he would take over his position for six years till 2024.

Putin was elected for the first time as Russia president in 2000 for 4 years after the residency of the former Russia president Boris Yeltsin on December, 1999.

In January 12, 2000, Putin was candidated by a group that supported him to participate in the early presidential elections, and Putin agreed to that declaring his decision in his motherland Saint Petersburg.

As for his intention to candidate for the second term, Putin declared that during “The Direct Line” to the citizens in 2003 in Moscow.

After ending his two successive terms in 2008, and electing Dmitry Medvedev as a president for the state, Putin was appointed as a president for the Russian Government.

In September 2011, Dmitry Medvedev suggested to United Russia party to support the candidacy of Putin for the elections of presidency in 1012. After he won in the elections, Putin take over the position of Russian presidency for six years basing on the modifications to the electoral legislations.

The presidential term of Putin will be ended in May 7, 2018.

The source: agencies.

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