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PYD History of struggle to solve Kurdish issue, Syrian crisis


KOBANΖ The Democratic Union Party, despite its recent existence and presence of many political forces in Syria, it has made many achievements in order to highlight the Kurdish issue

and resolve the Syrian crisis

With the entry of the Democratic Union Party in its 14th year, the party is continuing to advance and develop itself at all levels, making an achievement after the other. However, betting is based on the ability of the party to overcome the current stage and its ability to make the project which called for successful since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, which is the decentralized system.

Who is the Democratic Union Party?

The Kurdish people in Syria in general and Rojava in particular were suffering from persecution and marginalization by the Syrian Baathist regime for its totalitarian view of the Syrian reality and following the policy of melting and annihilation against its components, on top of it was the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people needed a political force capable of representing them, defending their stolen rights in international forums, and claim their rights in accordance with international laws and charters.

Therefore, the Democratic Union Party came in response to the aspirations of the peoples of the region and the Kurdish people in particular as they were struggling to democratize the Syrian society after the dispersion and loss in the Kurdish ranks. Therefore, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) was established and branches were opened in the Kurdish cities at the beginning of its inception on 20 September 2003.

How could PYD, despite its recent beginning, build a strong public base in Rojava and Syria in general?

Despite its modernity, compared to the other 40 Kurdish political parties, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) managed to get into the Kurdish political arena in Syria and the Middle East. The announcement of the establishment of the party officially constituted a thunderbolt for the Syrian regime and the enemies of the Kurdish people which constantly harassed and prosecuted the party’s members.

A member of the Democratic Union Party in Kobani canton, Aladdin Kayyad, said that the stage leading up to the Syrian crisis was extremely difficult and dangerous, pointing out that the meetings that were held to raise awareness of the people and the definition of what the party’s work was held in complete secrecy. People were very close to the party and was spreading the news among the masses of the people in this way because of the Syrian regime’s strict control and its practices against members of the party. “

One of the results of the party’s struggle is to losing a number of members and the arrest of dozens

However, the price of the struggle was very high. The party has lost many of its elite members such as (Shilan, Joan, Jamil, Fuad and Zakaria) in 2004 in the Iraqi city of Mosul during a terrorist operation.

As well as the fighter (Osman Dudley), who was arrested by the Baathist intelligence and was subjected to the worst methods of torture in the prisons of the Syrian regime in Aleppo until he has lost his life under torture on February 18, 2008.

Bafi Joudi one of the party’s activists and members has lost his life in the cellars of the Syrian regime at the hands of the Syrian intelligence after his arrest and torture in 2012.

In addition to dozens who have been detained by the Syrian regime under fake pretexts of protection of national Syrian security, knowing that the Democratic Union Party had been calling and fighting since its establishment to restore the stolen rights of the Kurdish people, but members of the party were constantly pursued by the security sections of the Syrian regime, and are killed inside prisons.

More benefits and the opening of representations of the party in Europe

The Democratic Union Party would not only organize itself within Syria but also was opened to the outside world, where the Democratic Union Party opened several representatives in a number of European countries such as Austria, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, thus achieving a great victory by leaving the geopolitical frameworks and boundaries, on the contrary, the party proved itself in all international forums and arenas, and has been able to represent the Kurdish issue in Rojava Kurdistan in international forums.

Organization, awareness and the third line is a fundamental principle

Since its beginning, the party has organized and sensitized the people away from the nationalist frameworks adopted by some Kurdish political parties in Syria. The Kurdish issue was taken as a basis for its struggle, while are taking into consideration the social diverse mosaic in the region.

With the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the party held its extraordinary conference on June 18, 2012, demanding the establishment of an interim administration and service institutions, taking into account the concept of the democratic nation and the brotherhood of peoples as a basis for its struggle. The party was not wearing the cloak of racism or color.

Unlike other political forces, he managed the stage

From the political tradition of the ability of political parties to play their role in all the circumstances and conditions surrounding them, the political parties were not able to play a pioneer role. According to a member of the Democratic Union Party in Kobani Aladdin Kayyad, the Democratic Union Party has built a political personality capable of absorbing the stage, and to realize its requirements.

Considering this, the Democratic Union Party had the leading role in organizing the people and the pursuit of its aspirations and hopes by proposing projects and plans to solve the Syrian crisis and build a free, democratic Syria, at a time when most of the parties did not have any project and a roadmap to save the Kurdish and Syrian people in general from the scourge of war, therefore, the Democratic Union Party proved itself at all levels of political, social and diplomatic, and in all local, regional and international forums.

The party played an important role in consolidating the foundations of the democratic federal system in North Syria

The Democratic Union Party was able to play a leading role in the revolution of Rojava by moving away from the comprehensive view of the segments of society and not to impose its opinion, through the process of the foundations of the democratic nation; the third line, and the brotherhood of peoples away from the agendas that entered Syria, believing at the same time that resolving the Syrian crisis does not lie in imposing the one ideology, one color and one faith.

The DUP proved itself by organizing itself and not bowing to dictations imposed by outsiders. This was one of the reasons why the Arabs, Syriacs, Circassians, Armenians, and Yezidis were united and accepted the project that was put forward in Rojava.

A member of the party’s council in Kobani, Aladdin Kayyad, notes that building the federal system of North Syria will be an answer to all questions about the fate of the Syrian crisis, the achievement of social justice and the representation of both sexes in all spheres of life, away from media promotion and trumpets calling for dividing the region and marginalizing peoples and components which live on their land.

The DUP’s vision of the Syrian crisis, and its solution

The Syrian crisis was out of the Syrian regime’s control and the Syrian file was passed on to the regional and international countries dealing with the Syrian crisis according to their personal interests and serving foreign agendas in order to kill the spirit of change in Syria and to fulfill the will of the people to determine their destiny.

But the Democratic Union Party has moved away from all these. Through its struggle, it has achieved many achievements. In cooperation with the other national political parties in the north of Syria, the party managed to define the truth of the Syrian society, its hopes, and the voice of the Kurds. The people of the reality of the conspiracies that are being waged against Syria and its people, and that is why it gained the trust of the people and this party became one of the Syrian national platforms.