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PYD refutes declarations of the remains of NC 

NEWS DESK– The Democratic Union Party(PYD) refuted the allegations of the remains of the National Council to the party and called them to give evidence and documents, instead of these lies and cheating.

PYD refuted the declarations of the remains of the National Kurdish Council completely, and released a written statement in in this concern:

“The Kurdish Council released a declaration that only accords with its miserable situation and its advanced bankruptcy. As usual, it started making allegations against our party, and goes on fabricating tales of his sick imagination; attempting to conceal its failure, simultaneously, standing with the enemies through the Syrian revolution, and making real efforts to kill our resistant people embodied particularly in the last massacre committed in Qamishlo and the attacks on our people in Sheik Maksoud.

“Also contributing to spread propaganda that aims to displacing Rojava residents, they themselves approved of the terrorist groups’ actions of the so-called liberation of Adlib and the countryside of Aleppo by Nusra Front and other related groups. We in the Democratic Union Party completely refute their allegations, claiming to own documents and videos against us, let them make it public instead of this lying and cheating”.

We assure that the NC supported by South Kurdistan or AKP is determined to target our party and refuses the Democratic Autonomous Administration(DAA) and opposes the federation declared unanimously by representatives of peoples in Rojava-North Syria and many other political parties and societal powers.

“They are not but under the command of obscurantist powers attacking and besieging people in our areas, considering that these outrageous acts of NC are crystal-clear to everybody, and indicates its conspiracy with parties that find the success of federation is a danger on them, we also say to our people that NC is doing today a dangerous task that aims to cause commotions and disturbances among our co-existing people”.

“We ask our all co-existing components and DAA institutions to intervene immediately and undertake their responsibilities and question them legally before the judiciary and according to the provisions and acts of the social contract and ad-hoc measures”.