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Qassas: Turkish occupation of North Syria to complete occupation of Iskenderun, its fall inevitable


NEWS DESK- Head of the Party of Modernity and Democracy of Syria Firas al-Qassas pointed Many parts of the North Syria is Subjected by the Turkish occupation like the Iskenderun Brigade Liwaah and desire to dominated more parts from the Syrian territories stressing that Turkey will defeat and fall on in Syria Inevitably “.

Hawar news agency held an interview with Firas al- Qassas about the recent Turkish policies in Syria and the repercussion North Syria and its plans in the region

Turkish occupation is considered illegal inside the Syrian territories and we can describe it by occupation This certainly applies to Turkey’s occupation of parts of North Syria.  And like this an attack on the will of the Syrian people and a violation of its sovereignty over its homeland and land it must be resisted in every way.

On the Turkish occupation of Jarablus area in agreement with IS mercenaries and the repercussions of the repercussions, said Qassas “The rapid fall of Jarablus in the hands of the Turkish forces and their allies of the militias and the Syrian armed factions have many questions, on the extent of penetration of Turkey in the organization of an advocate, perhaps even collusion between them.

“It is more likely that Turkey’s Islamist political ideology, in which the Justice and Development Government is very different from that known in the Arabic-influenced space, played a major role in the government’s acceptance of the extremist jihadist role in the Syrian event. Movements under the pressure of shared sense of Islamic identity with them. On the other hand, it was clear that the sectarian dimension shared by the government of justice and development with the armed factions, which in turn contrasts with the sectarian background on which the environment of the regime in Syria is based, has this role and its impact on the nature and type of the position of the Turkish government of the Syrian event and The well-known, especially the ambiguous and pragmatic position of the extreme Takfirist extremist factions, including IS gangs and Jabhit al- Nusra

Asked about the reasons why Turkey opened its borders with IS mercenaries, without expressing any fear of them. In return, he hastened to close them to the liberation force in north Syria and besiege and threaten it. “The answer to this question is from my point of view, The Turkish border is still opening to an oppressor now and in the other hand it is besieged and its various methods of aggression against forces carrying freedom and liberation projects and a radical revolution in Syria, all of which shows the enormity of the Turkish role in its objective hostility to the will of the Syrian people, is in fact another aspect of the role of the despotic regime in our lives , That is Does not seek only for the interests of his power and dominance. “

He added: “The occupation Turkish of parts of Syria increased our wound especially in Iskenderun Brigade Liwaah have been occupied by it since 1939. This current and modern occupation demonstrates the continuity of Turkey in its tendency to dominate Syria and to return imperialist expansionist empire of the peoples of the region.”

Noting that “what distinguishes the current Turkish occupation of Syria may be that it is enveloped and mobile on the fear and nerve complex of the freedom movement and verify during the test of its arguments on the political meeting in the Middle East and Syria during this hot and difficult period of its history.

He concluded his speech “Although the constant in both cases was the act of occupation, but the variable and transformer is the fate of the new occupation, while continuing the occupation of Turkey to the brigade Iskenderun will not write the occupation of Turkey, the current parts of Syria will continue forever and will defeat and fall on inevitably.